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Post  Admin on Sun Dec 21, 2008 9:24 am

Democrat Lies

First of all there is not enough web space to list all the Democrat lies, so I will highlight the ones that are most current and most important to me. Again, you have to understand where I am coming from. An ex -Union Official, a Democrat all my life UNTIL I was challenged to read Rush Limbaugh's book and learn for the FIRST TIME in my life, how government really works, and how the Democratic Party lies to the American People - ALL OF US!!

#1 Lie by Democrats - Tax cuts hurt the economy.

Right now is by the far, the scariest days in 40 years for Democrats. They as a party are so scared that the American people, you and I are going to finally see the facts about tax cuts. Ronald Reagan cut taxes so drastically, that the economy rebounded from the Carter recession so strongly that it took Bill Klinton's tax increases to finally kill the surge. You MUST understand something right away - the economy is compared to a giant ocean liner. Changes made to it, take sometimes months if not a year or so to reflect the changes made to it. You do not take an ocean liner, swing the rudder hard left, and the ship takes an immediate left turn. It will take miles for it to finally make its turn. Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, and the VAST improvements to our economy were most felt when Klinton took office, and which he took credit for. Lying scum.... What Klinton did was DESTROY the good that Ronald Reagan did for the economy. Klinton gave us the largest tax increase ever, and when it finally start showing its results. About 3 months BEFORE George Bush took office. GEORGE BUSH INHERITED A KLINTON RECESSION!!

The very first thing President Bush did is start to give the American people some of their money back. He graduated from Yale with a business degree!! He is very smart, contrary to the lies the Democratic Party want you to believe. He knew that the BEST thing to do to stop the recession is to cut taxes and get the economy back in the RIGHT direction. Now the Democratic Party is freaking out!! They know that Reagan's tax cuts made the economy great up till Klinton killed it, and Bush's tax cuts are on the way to doing the same thing, how they going to lie there way out of this?!?!?!?! They are trying with ALL THEIR LIES to get Bush out of office so the American People will not see THE TRUTH!! As soon as the big ocean liner, our economy, finally starts heading in the right direction again, because of the Bush tax cuts, the Democrats are screwed. They will of course continue to try to lie their way out of the situation, but hopefully, people like me and you, when faced with the truth, will be able to see through the lies and force people to face facts - tax cuts are good for ALL AMERICANS.

#2 Lie by Democrats - Tax cuts only help wealthy Americans.

This is the lie that gets me the most angry. The Democratic Party loves to pit the rich vs. the middle class and NEVER offers solutions to the problems we face. The Democratic Party can not tell you what they stand for or most Americans would NEVER vote for them. They stand for tax increases, so they can grow government, make more people dependent on the government and they as a party to try to "lock in" the vote for their party. The Democratic Party stands for Liberalism, which ALL BY ITSELF, is destroying our nation. The Democratic Party has tried to fill our court system with non-Christians, thus trying very hard to remove God quite honestly from EVERYTHING!!

Most wealthy people are involved in some kind of business. Business's that need people like you and I to work for them so they can make a product and sell it to make a profit. When REPUBLICANS cut taxes business's have more money to spend on their business,