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Post  Admin on Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:41 pm

Ping bares 3 bombshells vs Jinggoy in speech

GMANews.TV - Wednesday Sept. 23

If former President Joseph Estrada was a jueteng protector, a
smuggler’s godfather and a bully, his son is a jueteng beneficiary, a
traitor, and one who consorts with the government he claims to oppose.

This was how Senator Panfilo Lacson described Senate President Pro Tempore
Jose "Jinggoy" Estrada on Tuesday, a week after the younger Estrada accused
Lacson of being a secret ally of the Arroyo administration.

"I was aghast at how the gentleman from San Juan, in his privilege speech on
this same hall last week, accused this representation of being an administration
ally, simply because I exposed the true character of his father, the former
president," Lacson said in the second installment of his privilege speech.

Jinggoy made the accusation last Sept. 15, or a day after Lacson delivered
the first part of his privilege speech where he detailed the former President’s
alleged involvement in jueteng and smuggling operations, and of
pressuring trader Alfonso Yuchengco to sell his business shares.

In the second part of his speech, Lacson narrated three "horror stories" of
Jinggoy, which he said would show the younger Estrada’s "rotten moral values" as
a “son, brother and public official."

In the first story, Lacson bared a phone conversation between Jinggoy and
former presidential pal Charlie “Atong" Ang in 2006. At the time, Ang was about
to be extradited to testify in former President Estrada's plunder case then
pending at the Sandiganbayan.

The original charge sheet had included “the father, the mother and a son. Of
course we now know that the father was convicted, while the mother and son were
acquitted," Lacson said.

"Pare, kung uuwi ka, kung ano man ang plano mo, huwag mo na kaming idamay
mommy. Si daddy na lang, kaya niya namang i-depensa ang sarili
niya. May ambisyon pa ako. Magpe-presidente pa ako. Ako ang bahala sa ‘yo
Lacson recalled the "man" in Los Angeles telling Ang.

(If you’re coming home, leave my mother and me out of this. Just pin daddy.
He can defend himself. I have ambitions of being president. I’ll take care of

Lacson said Ang, who was in Las Vegas that time, "could not believe" what the
man in Los Angeles told him. He said he himself could not believe the story were
it not for the source of the conversation being "unimpeachable."
"It reached this humble representation because the source heard my privilege
speech followed the other day by a litany of diatribes and name-calling from the
other representation," he said.

A second story involved two "presidential brothers," where the elder brother
called the attention of a jueteng operator in Baguio City after learning
that the younger brother was getting P1 million payola (payoff) a
"‘Yung P1M na ibinibigay mo sa kapatid ko, hatiin mo. Sa akin mo
ibigay ang kalahati, baka gamitin lang pambili ng
drugs 'yung pera,"
the brother supposedly told the operator.

(The P1 million you are giving to my brother, split it with me because my
brother may use it to buy drugs.)
Aside from the additional P500,000 sequestered from the younger brother, the
elder brother had a regular monthly payola of P800,000 from another
jueteng operator from Bulacan, P1 million from former Ilocos Sur Gov.
Luis Singson, and unspecified amount from yet another gambling lord from

"Talk about betrayal, Mister President," Lacson said.
The third story involves an incumbent Cabinet secretary and "an elected
senator of the Republic" who would ask the Cabinet official for a project when
he loses P10 million.

Lacson said the day after the senator asked for a project, a member of the
senator’s staff would call on the Cabinet secretary to make a follow-up.

"Mister President, distinguished colleagues, the three short stories that I
shared with you only show the rotten moral values of that son, brother and
public official," he said. - GMANews.TV

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