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Happy easter...

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Happy easter...

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:20 pm

We would like to congratulate all Christians with this great holiday! This year Catholic Easter is celebrated on April, 12 and Orthodox Easter is celebrated on April, 19! This is the greatest religious holiday for Christians, that's why Easter is celebrated with such joy and happiness. In Eastern Europe people get ready to celebrate Easter during the whole week preceding the holy Sunday. The 7 days before Easter have their own and separate meaning and names. The three most popular are Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Palm Sunday (Sunday before Easter). Such rites like going to church Easter Eve, having Easter cakes and Easter eggs blessed by the priest have great meaning and importance. Even for non-religious people. To give you an idea of the importance and the respect most people give to this holiday most conversations (if not all) start with the words «Christ is risen» and the response should be «Indeed He is risen!» instead of normal «Hello». This Day Easter meals are to be shared between all friends and relatives, Easter eggs and Easter cakes should be blessed at church and they believe these blessed meals receive miraculous properties.

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